Avicide EOD-L Goose Call


The newest goose call to the Toxic Stable, the EOD-L. The EOD-L is a blend of the best qualities from all of our Goose Calls of the past, including present models. This call is has simple, smooth rolling transitions, super goosey low-end with an incredible speed capability for fire-fast clucks and spit-notes. When we say that this is the easiest and most versatile Goose Call that we have introduced, we aren’t kidding. From the Veteran Goose Caller to the Novice, this call will impress all realms of callers!



Introducing the 2019-2020 Avicide Line-up. Our Avicide Series of calls was produced with the hunter in mind. We set out to develop a call that has the exact same material, appearance, sound, and technology as our Revolution Series. We bypassed the option for “flashy colors” to create a product that delivers the same results at a lessor price. Our Avicide Series boasts the same Goose Call gut systems and Duck Call MES (Moisture Evacuation System) toneboards that we developed for our Revolution Series.

Additional information

Weight 0.25 lbs
Call Color

Black Ops, Battleship Gray

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