Maker’s Choice LYC Goose Call

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Maker’s Choice- sometimes the hardest thing is picking the color combination for your call. Well with the maker’s choice we’ve taken that step out out. You pick the model, we pick the color, and you save money!

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When goose homicide rates reach their pinnacle. One thing is held accountable. The LYC, when you want to put birds not only on the ground but six feet under you have found your call. A Goose Call that rolls screaming high pitched clucks so fast it’ll blow your buddies blind doors off. The LYC runs its mouth like a smart mouthed punk, needing a little attitude adjustment. You better get your gun loaded, because that Flock of Hungry Resident Giant Canadas are coming to give you and your fake flock the tail whooping you have been instigating. When your ready for a call to exterminate geese and your not worried to step foot on stage. Look no further, you’re now considered deadly.

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Weight .3 lbs
Gut Type

Standard Guts, LIVE-X Gut System