Maker’s Choice EOD Goose Call

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Maker’s Choice- sometimes the hardest thing is picking the color combination for your call. Well with the maker’s choice we’ve taken that step out out. You pick the model, we pick the color, and you save money!

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The E.O.D “End of Days” is a call based on one principal. HPMI or High Pressure Maximum Inflection. We wanted a call that was designed to sound as close to a goose as humanly possible. From the low end gabble sounds of a family of geese scouring for those tender shoots of grain. To the commanding honks and clucks of that boss Gander. At only 3 5/8″ long and with a back bored barrel and a exit bore, that puts all that sound right in the meaty part of your palm. The combination is there to do maximum damage, that’s why she is named ” End of Days “.

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Weight .25 lbs
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Standard Guts, LIVE-X Gut System