Maker’s Choice NBD2 Duck Call

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Maker Choice- sometimes the hardest thing is picking the color combination for your call. Well with the makers choice we’ve taken that step out out. You pick the model, we pick the color, and you save money!

Features our new and revolutionary MES (Moisture Evacuation System) Toneboard. Designed to channel your moisture right out the exhaust. Duck calls locking up…not a problem anymore!

7 in stock



The NBD’s twin brother, stacked with an extra reed. We have answered the call for a duck call that serenades the back water. Sitting back in the timber of your honey hole, you don’t always want to reach out and grab the birds by the throat. The NBD2 is the call you want when you’re whispering sweet duckiness in the ears of a flock of wary migrating mallards. Only available as a double reed.

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Black Pearl with Silver Engraving, White Pearl with Silver Engraving, Neon Yellow with Black Engraving, Neon Yellow with No Engraving, Blue Fizz with Silver Engraving, Red Fizz with Silver Engraving, Green Fizz with Black Engraving, Smoke with Black Engraving, Whiskey with Silver Engraving