Black Out – Ghost Cut


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Black Out Ghost – our best mouth call yet, hands down. We have spent 2 years designing this call with one goal in mind: to produce the best sounding mouth call possible that was easy to operate. From the beginner to the advanced, this mouth call will take your calling to new levels. She’s a 3 reed mouth call that boasts a perfect combination of latex and prophylactic reeds to make it easy to run with the hen built in. We’ve run it through the tests, and consensus says that this girl will flat out do work.

Check out the video below or our own, Ronnie Majerus of New York,  running this mouth call – this mouth call is flat out killer…

Out of stock

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We didn’t take this one lightly, by any means. We have been constantly redesigning the formula for over two years on this mouth call. We were after perfection, and we think we landed right where we wanted to be. The first of our Black Out series of mouth calls…the Ghost Cut. We made sure this call had range, volume, highs and lows, and everything in between. It’s easy to run and sounds like a dang turkey…point blank.

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