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The Toxic Bloodtrail is our 5-in-1 deer call that imitates a wide range of grunts and bleats. This adjustable call can produce mature buck grunts/roar, young buck grunts, doe grunts/bellows,  doe estrus bleat, and fawn bleats with simple O-ring adjustment. From midwest corn fed bruisers to deep south swamp bucks, the Bloodtrail will be your go-to this fall! 

Toxic Calls...

The 2018 Toxic Train is roaring in like a heat seeking missile. What a year we’ve had! You asked for more calls, and you got it! Not only did we see the return of a fan favorite ADM (Angel De Morte) goose call, but we launched a stable of deadly new calls. The bar has been raised! Gracing the exterior of these new mortal hunting devices are the incredible gen 5 artwork pieces created by our own Gerry Shaw. If that didn’t get the excitement knob cranked past 10, we brought you an all new color package with new options to make them your own! New colors like Smoke, Whiskey, and Neon Yellow stamp a distinct look and attitude on these calls that make them unmistakable and let you know they MEAN to leave an impression. 

For Duck, we added to our already stellar stable of existing duck calls with the all new SBQ – made for those spots where you just have to whisper the right way to those dirty birds, when you don’t want to blow them out of the hole. This is a perfect addition to the NBD series, HCSS, HCH line of calls that have been stacking birds for so long. 

Toxic can now load your lanyard with everything you need to annihilate snows, speckle bellies, and every Canada from cackler to the giants of the North.  The weapons in the goose house exploded with the all new options of the TSP, TTB, and the MTS. Goose season has changed forever. The new live gut system delivers that sexy sound that previously wasn’t found on a new call. 

The predator hunters out there were waiting for something to tickle their fancy and they got it. With the triplets already in place (TSR, TDR, and T3) Toxic introduced the diaphragm series calls and the results are speaking for themselves. Coming in a Subordinate Howler or Raspy Rabbit in distress, these new options have changed the game. Carnivores have officially been put on notice.
With all these new additions, how could it get any better right? I’ll tell you how. We launched a first with the Toxic BLOODTRAIL. That’s right a DEER call! This 5 in 1 call exploded onto the deer scene and the feedback confirms how volatile this new weapon is. Adjustable from fawn bleat to Monster buck grunt/roar, you won’t want to go to your stand without it!

What more wickedness is possible with the heights we’ve seen this last year? Don’t blink. We’re grinding in the lab as you read this. ..Waiting to blow your mind and always ready to take it to another level. Oh, and by the way - turkey season is just around the corner. Keep it Toxic my friends!              


Toxic Calls Toxic Goose Calls Toxic Duck Calls Toxic Predator Calls Toxic Calls Pro Staff Toxic Gear Contact Toxic Calls
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