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The Toxic Bloodtrail is our 5-in-1 deer call that imitates a wide range of grunts and bleats. This adjustable call can produce mature buck grunts/roar, young buck grunts, doe grunts/bellows,  doe estrus bleat, and fawn bleats with simple O-ring adjustment. From midwest corn fed bruisers to deep south swamp bucks, the Bloodtrail will be your go-to this fall! 

Toxic Calls...

As the 2016-2017 Duck Season draws close. We look back at the 2015-16 season with dreams of a season to match. Coming off by far the best duck and goose hunting seasons in our company's history. We tend to scroll through the photos and memories and remember what worked for us the most. 

If there was ever an item that stands out in our mind. It has to be the HCSS and HCH Duck Calls. Both Hand Cut Tone-boards bridge the gap between a traditional J-Frame and a Cutdown Duck Call.   Seductive yet both commanding Duck Calls that put more meat in the freezer than any of the other calls in our stable. Not taking anything away from our other Duck Calls like the NBD or NBD2. We just have to give credit where credit is due. From the Pea Fields of Canada to the Flooded Timber of Arkansas, the Rice Fields of California or the Brackish water along all of the Coasts. The Toxic line of Duck Calls are not tools of the trade. We think of them more like precision instruments of waterfowl coercion. 

With that out of the way you ask. "Whats in the works for 2016"? More Duck and Goose calls that's what. 

Staying the Course with Waterfowl Calls. We have had so many requests for us to bring back the ADM "Angel De Morte" Goose Call. We have to! The ADM Goose Call is a Flute-ish style call that incorporates the ghostly sound of a Flute Call but having the mechanics and technique of a Short Reed. Labeled as the easiest Goose Call to blow ever. We feel we have to for the guys just starting to Goose Hunt and the Goose Hunting Veterans that can't work their old calls like they used to. The remainder of the stable will be comprised of the trusty and faithful TBH "Toxic Big Honker", the LYC "Little Yappy Cackler", and by far our favorite. The most versatile EOD "End of Days" Goose Call. 

There has been rumors of a all Acrylic Main Street style Duck Call. It's not a rumor. The Toxic GTO or more commonly called "the Goat" around the shop. Will be rearing it ear piercing head late summer of 2016. 

The Predator Call line opened its arms and welcomed two new diaphragm Predator Calls. A super realistic Howler and a Distress Call that allows you to call Coyotes and other Predators closer than ever before. 

Getting Decoys ready, working the Dogs, brushing Blinds, and just doing all the fun stuff that makes the summer go by that much faster. To say the least we are getting excited. New Calls, Planning trips, just flat out doing what Waterfowlers live to do. 

Before we forget..... Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and New for this year our YouTube Channel called "Inside the Skull" a channel that is devoted to the shenanigans that go daily around here. Stay tuned... And tag us in all your Duck Hunting posts #toxiccalls or #herecomestheboom #burnfur

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Toxic Calls Toxic Goose Calls Toxic Duck Calls Toxic Predator Calls Toxic Calls Pro Staff Toxic Gear Contact Toxic Calls
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